About Us

Transformation focused. The TRE Brand is a custom apparel company that evolved from a physical fitness and accountability program known as "The Ripped Effect" - a 20 Week program focused on body, mind, and life transformations. We don't have a mission, we have a passion:

The continuous improvement and progression of ourselves, and maintaining a peak state of consciousness to continue momentum towards growth. 

Our clothing and designs are a representation of our mindset and movement. We hope to inspire everyone to level up their states and begin their Mind, Body, and Life Transformations, 

The TRE Brand is not about being your best. It's never stopping on your journey to becoming your best in Mind, Body, and Life. We promote Change and Transformation. Evolving ourselves daily. From the weight-room to the work-space. Mentality to perspective, and Health to Home.


Our core foundations for transformation are; Mind (surrounding yourself among things, people, and ideas that enhances our thinking and perspectives) Body (strengthening our internal/health, and building your external body to a level that compliments your life, and how you feel about yourself) and Life (Learning how to live great in the now, freeing ourselves of barriers so we can be great without concern. Not living for the future, but existing amazingly in the present.