20 Week Transformation


The reality of change is that it comes with a price. That price is time, and something if viewed incorrectly will be used to rationalize, and not create, correct, or transform. 90% of the time, the difference between success and failure is never a physical, financial, or social edge. It's not some secret formula or program accessible only to a select few. The difference comes down to our own self-evaluation, meaning the means in which we actually believe ourselves able to reach a desired point. We also understand that the path towards reaching this point requires certain principles in order for it to be effective. 

ConsistencyMomentum, and Discipline (CMD). It's what I like to call 'Command Mode

What is a command? One definition of command is to give an authoritative order, while the other definition is to Dominate from a superior Height.

While the first definition of command is pretty straight-forward. It also helps to show the dynamic we have to acknowledge with ourselves before going into a transformation and entering CMD mode. While we are one person, we carry multiple characteristics, desires, needs, and wants, all of which are responsible for influencing decisions, actions, and impulses, and not all being made in respect to our overall goal. The second definition shows the dynamic of dissonance; generally cognitive and emotional, and the need to control/dominate that dissonance if we are to break-through our transformation. 

What does this all mean, really? The Keys to a powerful transformation/change are Consistency, Momentum, and Discipline. At the core, it is the unification of these three principles that the concept of motivation is "found". I obviously don't believe in motivation, I feel it's a method to rationalize procrastination. All three of the CMD mode principles requires the most important resource "psychologically" .... and that is time. When feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, self-consciousness, and other self-debilitating factors are allowed space in our mind, time becomes fleeting, making our actions appear ineffective, and we return to areas of decision making where we are less challenged by ourselves to evolve beyond our area(s) of comfort.

While 3-6 months, or even a year is time that passes in the blink of an eye, as we have all realized year, after year… when it comes to self-development, the debilitating factors appear and tend to over-shadow that fact causing most people to regress. The goal is entering a mode where we are able to perform at our peak state at the most consistent rate possible. Removing our focus from the point of inadequacies until better controlled, and something more measurable, productive, and self-rewarding.

The Ripped EffectPlan, Program, Transform

"This book will challenge you mentally and physically but if your up for the task the results will speak for you" - Crae Taylor

A simple but VERY effective process of self accountability, and created to help you better navigate your goals, while you continue to improve on your discipline and building momentum, while simultaneously excelling in the areas that are most important to you without the direct focus, as your main priority is simply a completion of time. #20weeks of accountability. This guide will help you recognize just how much CONTROL you have over your outcome. To be used as you see fit. Whether it's for a physical transformation, better daily habits, or executing short and long term goals. This guide provides the platform that can allow you to efficiently improve in either or ALL of these areas. 

The Mission: The moment you open this guide. The daily schedule spans for 20 weeks. Annotate your goals, and complete the initial worksheets in the beginning (only a few). Then commit to accounting for, and reviewing your input daily for the duration of the guide. Motivation is created through momentum, this guide acts as both your starting block, and pacer.